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Pink October: The NGO “IDD” launches the 2018 awareness campaign

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Every year around the world, the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer screening through an international campaign called “Pink October”, symbolized by the wearing of the pink ribbon.

In a good number of countries, major events are organized to convey a strong message to the general public, and in particular to women who represent the population most affected by breast cancer.


Unfortunately in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, awareness of breast cancer is not very popular, and most of the population is almost unaware of this serious disease. It is this disinterestedness that may explain the dizzying growth in the death rate from breast cancer; because unaware of their condition, patients very often arrive in hospitals when the cancer is already in its final phase.

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It is in this context that the NGO Impératif Développement Durable (IDD) has decided to meet women, young girls and the general public in churches, schools, maternity hospitals and markets in order to encourage population for breast cancer screening.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Saturday 06 October 2018 marked the launch day of the October-pink campaign by the IDD On this occasion, the members of the IDD went to the Synkin market in the town of bandalungwa as well as the surrounding avenues: Mbavu, Sumbi, December 8, as well as Maduda.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

During this awareness day, it was a question of making the population aware of the symptoms and signs of breast cancer, but also to teach them self-examination.


Note that the IDD will continue its awareness campaign until October 30, and its field of action will extend to other districts of the capital in particular: Funa, Mont-Amba, Et Tshangu